What's On


The Streetwise Zoom Programme includes the following workshops, either for partner organisations or open to the public. For more information on how to access our Zoom classes, please email the office and we'll get get back to you asap.


Fermanagh Age-ility Circus - 10.15am

Caoimhe’s Flowerstick Class - 1.15pm (open to the public)

Abbeyfield Housing Jean Armour House - 2.00pm

L’Arche Circus -2.00pm

Caoimhe’s P7’s 3.30pm (open to the public)


Clanmil Housing’s “Warm-up with Bucky” 11.30 am

Logy’s Juggling Crew – “Juggling for Experts” (open to the public)

Whitehead Community Circus – 10.30am

“Lively Ladies of Lislea” Circus Group – 10.30am

Lislea “Warm up with Bucky” – 2.00pm

L’Arche Circus – 2.00pm

NEST (Newcastle upon Tyne) Circus 5.30pm

Charlie’s Jugglers 7.00pm (open to the public)

3rd Rhos- on Sea Scout Group Jugglers – 8.00pm



Abbeyfield Housing “Warm-up with Bucky” – 2.00pm

L’Arche Circus – 2.00pm

NEST (Newcastle upon Tyne) Circus 5.30pm

Caring Breaks “Warm-up with Bucky” 7.00pm



Joe’s Jugglers 10.15am (open to the public)

Carers Trust 11.00am

Clanmil Mullen Mews 11.00am

Ramona’s Jugglers 12.00 noon (open to the public)

Belfast Age-ility 2.00pm (open to the public)

Belfast Evergreen Group 4.00pm

NEST (Newcastle upon Tyne) Circus 5.30pm

Caoimhe’s Jugglers 8.30pm (open to the public)


Belfast Warm up with Bucky 11.00 (open to the public)

Abbeyfield St Finnians House 11.00am

Carers Trust 12.00 noon

Cullyhanna Circus Group 12.30pm

Abbeyfield Voysey House 2.00pm

Somme Nursing Home “Warm up with Bucky” 3.30pm

NEST (Newcastle upon Tyne) Circus 5.30pm


L’Arche Circus 11.00am


See you there!