What's On


We are now working hard to re-organise our activities across Northern Ireland using the following concepts:

Distanced workshops allowing small groups to safely participate in circus skills led by an experienced coach with full Covid 19 protocols in place to ensure the safety of staff and participants.

Zoom coaching providing experienced coaches to work with participants through the medium of zoom allowing participants to continue developing their skills at home and socialise with like minded people through this medium.

Distanced shows providing internationally recognised street entertainers to provide shows for groups who have been left isolated by the current crisis.


We are currently discussing with funders to allow us to deliver our programmes through these methods to allow the benefits of participating in circus activities to continue despite the restrictions. We aim to have our full programme finalised by the end of August.

Anyone wishing to get more information on how to access these activities should contact the office via email and we will contact you to discuss how you can engage with our activities.

Zoom Coaching

We have now established a team of Zoom coaches who are available to provide online teaching.


Please Note: anybody wishing to join any of our Zoom activities, please email streetwiseathome@gmail.com to book a place.


Currently our active Zoom programme includes:



  • Flower stick with Caoimhe, 1.15pm



  • 'Lively Ladies of Lislea' juggling with Glenn, 10.30am

  • Club juggling with Thomas, 11.00am

  • Warm up with Bucky, 2.00pm



  • Juggling for beginners with Joe, 10.15am



  • Juggling for beginners with George, 11.00am

  • Juggling for beginners with Ramona, 12.00 noon

  • Belfast Age-ility group with Logy, 2.00pm

  • Streetwise Evergreen group with Michael, 4.00pm

  • Juggling for beginners with Charlie, 7.00pm

  • Glasgow women's group with Caoimhe, 8.30pm



  • Warm up with Bucky, 11.00am


See you there!